Workforce Development

We assist organizations with the design and development of talent pipeline programs. Our customers are able to attract, engage, develop, and recruit high quality and diverse local talent for their workplace needs.

Corporate Diversity & Community Engagement Strategies

With our highly effective and unique approach to diversity, we help organizations to achieve and exceed compliance, while improving corporate culture and climate.

Our team of experts assist organizations with strategies to engage diverse communities in a meaningful way. We assist with messaging, cultural competence, and event planning and execution.

Teacher and Staff Professional Development Services


From the moment you step into one of our training sessions you will see that there is no room for passive learners. Our interactive, hands on training approach equips teachers with the tools to motivate students to want to learn and become independent learners. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Effectively Engaging Students

  • Culturally Responsive Teaching

  • Restorative Justice Practices

  • Engaging, Addressing, and Incorporating Teachers’ Intellect, Emotions and Actions

  • Examining the Surrounding Community Challenges and Resources

Student Development Services

Our highly engaging and effective workshops, seminars and courses supports student development in the areas of Character, Logic and Reasoning and Academic Excellence to help them succeed both personally and academically.