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staff professional development training

THE ART OF MOTIVATING STUDENTS TO WANT TO LEARN" is a series of one-day "deep dive" workshops into our classrooms, led by nationally recognized speakers and trainers, Deon Clark and Joshua Olatunde.  It is designed to teach-teachers the competencies we currently use with cohorts of students nationally, helping them recognize the diverse cultural characteristics of students from different ethnic backgrounds.  This workshop also develops teachers instructional strategies across diverse socioeconomic statuses and adjust teaching methods to account for these differences. Teachers will be provided tools to improve rapport building with students, more effectively manage their classrooms and motivate students to want to learn!   


Understanding how Biases impact Student Learning

Workshop Description: This workshop focuses on a teachers beliefs, perceptions and overall attitude towards their diverse student bodies.  Teachers will learn to recognize and understand the rich diversity of their students and learn to leverage this understanding for increased student engagement and achievement.

Impact of Implementation: Teachers will understand both external and internal influences that affect student behavior, student motivation and student performance. Teachers will be better equipped to manage their interactions with their diverse student bodies.


Motivational Interviewing & Rapport Building

Workshop Description: This workshop focuses on techniques and strategies to build and maintain meaningful relationships with diverse student populations.  The module also focuses on leveraging the principles of Restorative Justice to manage conflicts and redirect negative behavior. 

Impact of Implementation: Teachers will be able to build and maintain rapport with diverse student bodies and enhance their students learning experience, both inside and outside of the classroom.



The Art of Engaging Employers

Workshop Description: This workshop provides a pragmatic, step-by-step process to engage local with teachers and students enrolled in CTE, IBCP and other career-preparatory courses on your campus.

Impact of Implementation: Teachers will be able to effectively leverage the business community to assist in the development of their students.


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