STEMS of Success Conferences


STEMS of Success was developed to provide the young men and women of participating school districts with high quality, engaging and entertaining programming designed to get them interested and excited about STEM related fields of study. We recognize that merely getting students excited about STEM is not enough, and as such, we have taken a more holistic approach to our programming. A students overall health and wellness, financial literacy levels, personal character and career mapping skills are significant contributors in a student’s ability to achieve success in a STEM related field. These four areas make up the “stems” students must acquire and develop in their pursuit of success in STEM. We infuse these four areas together to teach students how they form a solid foundation for them to build upon.




Student Assemblies


The J.U.I.C.E! is an interactive 100% audience participation assembly that blends listening comprehension, science, math, technology and engineering games into a fast-paced theatrical format that challenges students.  We review the standards based lessons learned in class and introduce advance material to students.  



The Assembly consists of the following segments:




Presenter introduces the shows content, AND selects Volunteer Teachers to work as "aides" throughout the assembly.


Science (15 min. segment): 


Presented as a race to challenge memory and listening comprehension, students compete to memorize, categorize, identify and place various rocks into a not-so-easy-to understand order. (Common Core Standards Based)  


Technology (10 min. segment): 


Presented as a Q&A with prizes being award. Students explore the world of technology by answering questions on its history, mechanics and future, along with other fun facts.


Engineering (15 min. segment): 


Presented as a home-building race, two teams compete to construct a 5’ x 3’ home from PVC piping.   The angles, shapes, and unlabeled materials make this a challenge for students.  However, a visual of the structure serves as a guide to students.  This is the assembly’s finale and is sure to get a great response… and a bit of innovation! 


Math (10 min. segment): 


Presented in a popular game-show format, two teams of students compete to answer addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, pre-algebra and algebraic questions in a face-fast format. (Common Core Standards Based)  


Motivational Speaking Engagements


We provide highly engaging and

effective speakers to address students

on a wide range of topics. Our speakers are credible, and have a genuine passion to help students to become successful.


Our Speakers Series consist of the

following standard topics:


  • “Staying the Course” - Why finishing school is so important

  • “You have Value” - Overcoming low self esteem and hopelessness

  • “Man Up!” - How to make the transition from boys to young men (for boys only)

  • “Diamonds are Forever” - How to make the transition from girls to young ladies (for girls only)

  • “Fear vs. Respect” - Resolving conflicts with intelligence, not aggression. Also explores bullying and prevention


We can also customized presentations

to suit the needs of the school.